1951 Vespa Faro Basso (C-88) (Sold)

One of the oldest Vespas we’ve ever seen, this 1951 Faro Basso takes the cake for rarity and style. Looking at the quality restoration on this scooter, it is hard to imagine that she’s over 65 years old. What a beauty! We aquired this scooter from the family of the original owner in Italy. It was restored by the original owner’s son as a homage to his father. The love he put into it really shows. The paint work on this scooter is great, in person out in the sunlight, it is a real showstopper. The scooter was restored back to better than its original condition, with the addition of just a few tasteful period accessories. We really love the rear passenger saddle seat. We have all of the original Italian documentation back to the original owner, including photos of him on the scooter back in the day. Anyone who is a fan of the Faro Basso will certainly appreciate this one.






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