1960 Vespa 150 VBB (I-186) (Sold)

The 60’s Vespa 150 was one of the most important Vespas. For a decade, it was the standard Vespa. Beautiful, stylish, fun, and reliable, the Vespa 150 had it all. It went through several incarnations, with slight differences in motor and body design. These differences were noted in the frame number, and scooterists tend to refer to these scooters through the frame designations. This is a VBB1, which has the very clean early lines that are among the most elegant. The rounded off tail section shows the purity of design, as later version had a flat tail section to accommodate a license plate. These scooters were built to last, and they are extremely rugged and reliable. While sophisticated in design, they are simple to operate and maintain. Really they are the essence of good industrial design - form and function in balance. This particular scooter has been treated to a restoration in Italy, which is where we acquired her. The scooter is in excellent condition overall. This really is one that you could ride regularly, it is that good!






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