1959 Vespa GS 150 (I-183) (Sold)

The Vespa GS 150, what can we say? It is simply the most beautiful design Piaggio ever came up with. The curves… the curves… you just can’t get enough. Nothing is straight on this scooter, not even the floorboards. This was, and still is, the scooter to have. It is incredibly fast for a 1950’s scooter. Its performance was head and shoulders above the normal Vespas, and it still holds up today. It is certainly more than capable of handling modern city traffic on the move, and turning heads when parked. It is quite simply, the best of the best. This scooter has been treated to a restoration to a very high standard years ago, and has been lightly used since. It had the best paint, and the best parts used. All the parts on this scooter are either original or new old stock. It would be very difficult and expensive to restore a GS to this level today. The restoration was prepared as a “mild period custom.” The paint color is similar to the original silver, with a slight champagne tint visible in sunlight. The seat was custom made in red leather, and really sets the scooter off nicely. The motor was completely rebuilt, and recently the ignition system was rebuilt as well. It has been in the same collection for close to 20 years. It is ready for the next care-taker to ride and enjoy.






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