1962 Vespa GS 160 Series 1 (I-185) (Sold)

The GS 160 was the top of the line scooter in the Vespa range. It was fast, smooth, and stylish… and it still is. More than a replacement for the GS 150 it replaced, it was a complete white-sheet redesign. Just about everything was updated from the previous model. There were two different versions of this scooter, and this is the coveted early first series. The main difference is that this first series had a small glovebox located in the frame behind the seat. The later, more common, version had a large glovebox behind the legshields. This early version is most certainly the most desirable of the two. What a beauty! The GS is really a vintage scooter that you can live with every day. It has more than enough power to keep up with modern traffic. This particular scooter has been subject to a nice restoration in Italy. It is in original condition, similar to how it left the factory. It looks and runs fantastic. These first series GS Vespas are quite rare, and every one we have found has quickly found a new home… will it be your garage?






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