1971 Lambretta DL125 (Sold)

Coming Soon! This is another one of the cool scoots we uncovered in our recent buying trip to Europe. This scooter is the type of Lambretta you love to find. A real Italian-made DL. She is solid condition, and you could ride her as-is, or use it as a blank canvas to create the Lambretta you’ve always dreamed of. The DL/GP motor is versatile and easily tuned to create a very fast scoot to compliment the sporty lines. We have always loved these scooters. Since they were not sold in any numbers in the U.S., we have seen very few over here. She’s still on the slow boat from Europe. If you are interested in a reasonably priced, but rare scooter, let us know. We would be happy to discuss the details on this scooter, and are accepting pre-delivery deposits on all the scooters that are on the way.






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