2005 Vespa PX150E (I-174) (Sold)

This is it, the last of the line… the 2005 Vespa PX was the last year that the “vintage” Vespa was sold in the US. Piaggio decided to import the PX150 for 2005, and that year only. Previously, the last of the P’s sold over here in 1984. Quite a hiatus! These 2005’s were little changed from the first P200’s that first hit our shores in 1977. While there were not many changes, Piaggio did make them count. The PX has some of the features of a modern scooter, but make no mistake, this is the final iteration of the vintage scooters we know and love. The nice upgrades include, most significantly, a disc brake on the front wheel. Finally, a Vespa that can stop on a dime! It also has electric start, a gas gauge, halogen headlight, and cowls that lock under the seat. These PX’s are the scooter we love to ride every day. They are sweet scoots. This is one of the last of them. Low miles on the odometer means that you can break it in, and have the experience of having a brand new vintage Vespa… for the last time.






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