1961 Lambretta TV 175 Series II (L-26) (Sold)

What can we say about “Sweet Doreen”? This is one of the most charming scooters we’ve ever seen. It has it all. One of the most desirable Lambrettas, coupled with the incredibly cool pinstripe work… and the name! The patina on this scooter cannot be faked, no, all this work was done a long time ago, and it sure has aged well. Putting all the wonderful character aside, underneath, this is a great scooter in its own right. The Series II Lambrettas are beautiful machines, and the TV 175 was the top of the line model. Rationalized from the Series I TV, the Series II had a similar motor to the Li’s, which makes keeping one going these days a lot easier. The motor on Doreen just purrs, and she runs great. With the increased power of the 175, these Series II Lambrettas get along just fine, even in today’s traffic. We sure do love Doreen, and she is sure an eye-catcher. If you are looking for a unique scooter that has character and style, Doreen’s your girl.






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