1964 Lambretta TV200 (L-15-Sold)

Here it is, the holy grail of the 60’s Lambrettas. The TV200… In the early 60’s, Innocenti’s Lambretta was locked in difficult competition with Piaggio’s Vespas for sales. One of the best markets for Lambrettas outside of Italy was the UK. Scooterists in the UK demanded more. More power, more speed, more, more. Innocenti listened, and developed the TV200 to firmly take the cubic centimeter lead from Piaggio’s 180cc Super Sport. It just proves that in sales, size does matter! On the outside, the TV200 looked identical to the TV175, but there were changes in the motor besides just the punched out cylinder. Most notably, the TV200 had tall gearing, which was meant to give it more top speed. The TV200 was only made for a few years, until the debut of the SX200 in 1966, and only around 15,000 were made. They are very rare, and we have only seen a handful of them in many years of scootering. This one was treated to a complete restoration. The paint is extremely high quality, it doesn’t get better. Everything on the scooter has been refurbished, replaced, or rebuilt. This is one amazing machine. If you are looking for the best model Lambretta in the best condition, look no further.






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