1963 Lambretta Li 150 Series III (L-28) (Sold)

Unquestionably, one of the most recognizable youth cultures associated with the scooter were and are the mods. A subculture born in 1960’s Britain, the mods had an outsized influence the world over. While they originally flashed for a few short years, it seems that the mod lifestyle is evergreen. There are mods in many parts of the world, and periodic revivals of the mod ethos seem to occur with regularity. In the 1980’s the first such revival was partially spurred by the release of the rock opera “Quadrophenia” by the band the Who. The scooter you see here is partially an homage to the 60’s mods, with a wink to the 80’s. It certainly is a good looking scooter. The Li 150 Series III was a mainstay of the mods, both in the 60’s and later. The scooter was very popular in England, and there were many converted to mod spec with the addition of lots of flashy accessories. It was not a coincidence that the main character in the Quadrophenia film rode a Lambretta Li 150 not too different from this one. This scooter has the flash, but really just enough. The crashbars, acessories, and chrome bits are tasteful, and cheekily mod. It has a UK license plate that winks at the Who’s classic album “Who Are You.” The scooter runs very well and is simply the embodiment of fun. This is a scooter that draws attention!






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