1966 Lambretta Li 150 Series III (L-25) (Sold)

The Li 150 really was the most popular model in the Lambretta line. While many were sold worldwide, not too many survive in the US. The Series III is perhaps the most harmonious of the Lambretta iterations. The slim frame really makes the Lambretta appear to be going fast, even when parked. The side profile is especially appealing on these scooters. This particular scooter came to us from a long time enthusiast owner. It has been loved and well cared for. It has a recent addition of a German-made 12 volt electronic ignition kit, which is a very costly upgrade. With the new ignition, the scooter has nice bright lights, and very reliable starting. It is probably the best upgrade for the Lambretta. This scooter runs great, and is a perfect runabout. The twin saddles really give these scooters a more vintage look… and call out to a friend to hop on the back for a ride! If you are considering jumping in to the world of Lambretta, this would be a really great scooter to start with.






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