1966 Lambretta 150 Special (L-19) (Sold)

Innocenti had several models in the Lambretta Li range. The sportiest of those was the 150 Special. It has a similar design to the TV 175, but had a modified Li 150 motor. The biggest advantage for the 150 Special was its unique gear set. It had a close-ratio gearbox that allowed it to make the most of the motor’s power. The 150 Special also had some of the “luxury” features of the TV, such as a key ignition switch, and the sporty body work. This 150 Special is a nice survivor. It still has its original paint throughout. While it does have patina, we think it is in far too nice condition to repaint. This is one sweet ride just as-is. It runs great. Most Lambrettas of this vintage have already been restored, and it is pretty uncommon to find one like this, in the sweet spot between “too nice to ride” and a total restoration project. This scoot would be a good fit for someone who values originality. Hop on, and ride it home.






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