1976 Vespa Rally 200 (I-177) (Sold)

It is hard to overstate how much we love the Vespa Rally 200 here at Bello Moto. The perfect balance of vintage and modern? We sure think so. Sure, we have some Rallys that are in perfect original condition, but you weren’t looking for one of those were you. No, you wanted something that you could roll through the streets of San Francisco… lane-splitting like a boss, and parking where you please. Well, if that is what you are looking for, then this is the scooter for you. She looks pretty good, but she isn’t perfect. Mechanically, this scooter is in top shape. It has the coveted “BBQ” rear rack/backrest combo for carrying a huge amount of cargo. We have carried an astonishing amount of stuff on a Vespa using one of these racks. This scooter checks all the boxes for the “right” city scoot.






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