1961 Vespa GS 150 (I-175) (Sold)

The Vespa GS 150 is perhaps the quintessential Vespa. It is the ultimate expression of the 50’s Vespa design. Curved to max - there is not a straight line on this scooter. We think that every scooterist should own a GS at one point in your life. They are just a joy to ride. Fast, solid, and turbine smooth, it is just an amazing scooter. The perfect melding of form and function. It is hard to imagine the level of design that is encapsulated in what was, at the time, a simple mode of transportation. The GS was the top of them all for the 1950’s. This scooter is in very nice shape. It runs great, and looks fantastic. This is one that you should have in your garage.






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