1965 Vespa Allstate (I-170) (Sold)

Sears sold Vespas under their Allstate brand for about 15 years. By the time they sold this 1965 Allstate, they really had it down. At this point, there were few differences between the Allstate and the Vespa 125 of the same year. This particular scooter still has its original paint, and it is in impressive condition. It is perhaps the best original paint Allstate we have seen. The paint really shines like new on this scoot. One other big plus on this one is that the previous owner replaced the original Allstate “spring” front fork with a Vespa fork with a shock. This is just a really nice original 1960’s scooter. It is hard to overstate how good it looks 50 years on. This is a well preserved and special scoot, looking for the next care-taker to be a good steward for the next 50 years.






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