1964 Vespa GS “The Traveller” (176-I) (Sold)

The GS 160 is one of our favorite Vespas. Sure, it was the top of the line scooter at the time, but beyond that, everything about it just looks “right.” Now, coming across a GS like the one we have here is a joy. It doesn’t just look right, it FEELS right. It has the lived-in look of a comfortable leather armchair. This is a scooter that has been around. It has seen things, it has lived things… at least, that is what we imagine. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but those travel stickers tell a tale from a time when it wasn’t so easy to get places. It would be a real shame to “restore” this scooter. No, we like it just the way it is. We think you will too.






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