1965 Vespa 150 VBB (C-23) (Sold)

Wow. That is all we could say when we first saw this scooter. As you can imagine, we see a lot of scooters. This one just really does it for us. You simply do not find scooters in this good preserved original condition of this vintage much any more. Yes indeed, this scooter is still wearing its original paint all these years later. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but what 50 year-old is? What it does have is character. We can’t help but ask ourselves, what is the “Willie Byan Caravan Club?” And, can’t stop imagning this scooter strapped down to an Airstream trailer behind a Country Squire wagon that was fully clad in faux-wood vinyl paneled glory. True or not, we’d love to re-create the scene today. Anyhow, focusing back on this scooter… as we mentioned, it is highly original. Alas, the previous owner too the liberty of painting the wheels and the front hub in a slightly darker shade of blue. All part of the story. The other bits have been thankfully spared the painter’s spray gun. It still has all the rare original bits that are often missing - things like the Veglia speedo and the Siem tail light with original lens, yes, even the horn. We will be very sorry to see this one go, for sure. Bring your Airstream when you pick it up to help make it sting for us a little less…






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