1959 Vespa 150 VBA (Sold)

The late-50’s to mid-60’s Vespa 150’s came in several versions that were basically evolutions of the same scooter. There were two significant evolutions of the model and multiple smaller changes. Scooterists these days refer to the two larger model versions by their respective frame number designations - “VBA” and “VBB.” This is a first series scooter, and thus a VBA. Probably the easiest to identify indication that this is a VBA is that the rear of the frame is curved, while it would be flat on the VBB. The scooter benefits from some of the later evolutionary changes including the beautiful “clamshell” speedometer and a rotary valve motor. While the Vespa 150 of this era luckily was saved from the “death by 1,000 cuts” that often bedeviled vehicles with a long production run, the earlier body design is certainly regarded among scooterists as the most visually pleasing. This scooter hits the sweet spot for one that you really want to ride. It has enough patina and originality to give it a lived-in look, but is not really perfect looking enough to make you afraid to really get it out there and ride it. This really is just about the perfect scooter for daily riding, if you are into the vintage look. These 150’s are virtually mechanically indestructible, and parts are still being made for these things even today. When you picture a Vespa in your mind, this is what you see. There are not too many other 70 year-old design icons we can imagine that you could use daily. Get on it and ride away!






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