1974 Vespa Sprint Veloce (C-212 Sold)

The Vespa Sprint Veloce was arguably the best 150 that Piaggio made. It was a fine blend of style and performance. Not quite a road burner, but nice amount of speed for real world around town riding. The Veloce model added a much needed third port for the cylinder, which really makes a difference. It is truly an elegant and balanced design that is more 60’s than 70’s. We completely refurbished this scooter. Though not technically “restored” because we modified a few things from its original stock trim, we took a light hand with the modifications. We painted the scooter in the original white color in which it left the factory, and attended to all of its cosmetic and mechanical needs. We rebuilt the motor from top to bottom, and it runs like a top. This particular scooter was a US import, and had all the good and bad that came with that. For starters, the US market Sprints had the excellent oil injection system, which is completely functional on this scooter. They also unfortunately came with awkward turn signals, meant to comply with US regulations at the time. We removed the signals and filled in all the mounting holes to restore the scooter to European trim - how its designers intended. We also replaced the unflattering US market tail light, and replaced it with a more elegant light from the first series Sprint. Overall, this is a very attractive package. We lavished a huge investment of time and attention on this scooter to make what we think is an ideal Sprint Veloce. Is it a “resto-mod” or “refurbished” or “updated classic?” We don’t care about labels, and know all you care about is how well it looks and rides. The smile on your face will tell the story… come take a look!






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