1957 Vespa 150 VB1 (I-200) (Sold)

The VB1 was the last of the line for the original wide-body 8” wheel Vespa 150. They were made only for one year until the narrow largeframe body style debuted. Being the last of the line, they benefitted from all of the incremental improvements to the motor and styling that Piaggio had introduced over the decade of Vespa production. Most notable of the styling changes from previous 150’s, they had the enclosed handlebars and enclosed speedometer that had previously only been used on the GS Vespa. This particular scooter was the subject of a no-expense-spared restoration in our shop. We think you will agree that it turned out fantastic. Photos don’t really do the metallic paint justice. The scooter runs just as well as it looks. We have completely rebuilt the motor. Every singe part on this scooter was refurbished or replaced as required. Ever fancied a “new” 1950’s scooter? We’ve got it!






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