1967 Lambretta SX 200 (L-7)

The Lambretta SX 200 is the quitessential Lambretta. It was the range-topping sport model of the late 1960’s. The 200cc motor made it an extremely fast scooter. The styling was the height of design. It sported dampened front forks and a front disc brake. The SX 200 was only offered in white with an oxblood colored seat. This scooter is certainly the best original condition SX 200 that we have ever seen. The paint shines and the bodywork is perfect. The scooter was original sold in Arizona, and the dry climate there helped preserve it. We replaced some of the dried out rubber parts, but all of the sheetmetal and aluminum parts are completely original. Even the seat is original, not a reproduction. It is an amazing time capsule, and stunning to look at. We sincerely doubt we will ever find another in this good original condition. Consequently, it is not for sale.






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