1959 Lambretta TV 175 Series I (L-4-Sold)

The Lambretta TV 175 was a ground breaking scooter when it debuted in 1957. It was a complete break from all of the previous Lambrettas that had been produced up to that time, and laid the basic platform that all the subsequent Lambretta models would follow. It is a striking scooter, even today. It is large, solid, and fast. The TV 175 is among the most desired of the Lambrettas, and there are not many that have survived. This one was the subject of an older restoration that has held up very well. It runs and looks great. The TV 175 scores top marks on just about every scale of desirability. This one is a very early version. It has the handlebar-mounted cable adjusters, and the very rare one-piece horncasting… wow!






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