1949 Lambretta Model B (L-1)

As its name suggests, the Lambretta Model B was the second Lambretta model made by Innocenti (following the “Model A”). These were not sold in the US, and there are very few here. This scooter was privately imported, in the 50’s, and was used by a pilot as a runway runabout in Southern California. It has an Ohio registration sticker from 1952, so it has been in the US at least since then. As such, it saw gentle use, and was always stored indoors. The scooter is in amazingly preserved original condition. It wears the patina of age, but is remarkably intact. We have done nothing to this scooter other than to get it running in tip-top shape. It is a link to the beginnings of the modern scooter, and we love it.






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