1974 Vespa 125 Primavera (C-32) (Sold)

The Primavera is the epitome of fun. Small, nimble, light… they are perfect for city riding. The compact 125cc motor is more than enough to propel this lightweight up to 55 mph. This particular Primavera is in suberb original condition, top to bottom. It is a US market scooter, and it still has all of the original turn signals and the special US-only “tractor” tail light. We simply love finding scooters that are this clean and original. There is not much to fault on this scoot for originality. Many of the bits that are commonly missing on these US scooters are all intact and present. The paint is fantastic, and a highlight for sure. This scooter still even sports its original CEAT brand tires. Of course, we’d want to change those out if you were going to do any serious riding, but it is just a testament to how clean and original this scooter really is.






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