1952 Vespa Allstate (C-3) (Sold)

Wow, what can we say… this is one of the very first Vespas imported to the US. Sears experimented with selling Vespas in 1952 under their house brand, Allstate. Needless to say, they were a big success, and Sears began a 15 year relationship with Piaggio, and sold countless Vespas through their stores and catalog. The first batch imported are extremely hard to find. The 1952’s have some differences from the later Allstates, and with the European Vespas. Most notably, they do not have the large Allstate badge on the legshield, but rather a smaller shield in the center of the legshield where the Piaggio badge is on the Vespas. This one was restored to a high standard, and is in outstanding condition.






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