1980 Vespa 100 Sport (I-107) (Sold)

The 100 Sport was the last smallframe Vespa model sold in the US. They had some unique features that set them apart from most of the smallframes sold in Europe. One of the best of those was that they were the only smallframe made with a 12 volt electrical system. Their top ends are similar to the 125’s, so they are easily upgraded for more speed. This scooter was sold new in California, and still has its original blue license plate. It is a solid scooter for sure, and we have spent some time getting it to be a nice reliable runner. This is the perfect “entry-level” scooter for someone looking to get into the world of classic scootering. It is very original, including the original paint and all of the original badges. It has the “unobtainium” battery side door still intact, and the turn signals are all still in place. All in all, this is a lot of scooter for the price. You can get on and ride it and start enjoying scooting around the city for not a lot of money… this is the kind of scooter we wished we were able to find when we first started off scootering, one that is dialed-in and ready to go!






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