1967 Vespa 125 Smallframe (I-20) (Sold)

This is a Vespa 125 smallframe that was originally sold by Sears. It has the clean uncluttered lines of the European smallframes, before US regulations forced them to put a battery compartment on the left side. The purity of the original design is clear. We have completely restored this scooter from the ground up. Everything on it is new. Every single part on this scooter has been cleaned, repaired, refurbished, or replaced as needed. This scooter is a gem. Indeed, our high quality paint is better than it would have ever been from the factory. Though pictured with a single seat, we can supply the scooter with a dual seat. This is an extremely nice example of a scooter that is seldom restored. Without a doubt, we lavished far more money and effort on this scooter than the price would indicated. There is absolutely no way you could replicate the quality on this one for even twice our asking price. This is a really sweet little ride! Get it while you can.

Fall Sale: Price reduced to $3600






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