1964 Lambretta Li150 Special (L-61)

Innocenti had several models in the Lambretta Li range. The sportiest of those was the 150 Special. It has a similar design to the TV 175, but had a modified Li 150 motor. The biggest advantage for the 150 Special was its unique gear set. It had a close-ratio gearbox that allowed it to make the most of the motor’s power. The 150 Special also had some of the “luxury” features of the TV, such as a key ignition switch, and the sporty body work. We recently found this scooter in Italy. The previous owner had refurbished it, and it looks really good. Unfortunately, the side-panel was damaged in shipment. We’ll be working on fixing the side-panel to as-good-as-new condition this winter. In the mean time, you are welcome to come by and give it a once-over. This is a really nice scooter!






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