1964 Lambretta TV175 Series III (L-60)

This is a show-stopper of a scooter. The TV175 was one of the best scooters Innocenti ever produced. It looks fantastic in this original metallic silver/blue livery. The color really brings out the sleek and sharp lines of the scooter’s design. The TV175 was the first Lambretta performance scooter, and it still was the top performer at the time this scooter was made. The TV200 was faster, but had a gearbox set up for top speed touring with a tall fourth gear, whereas the TV175 was set up for acceleration. Many consider the TV175 Series III motor among the best. This particular scooter was refurbished in Italy before we found it. The paint and overall condition of the scooter is excellent. It looks fantastic in person, and photos don’t really do it justice. This scooter is ready to go, and would be a fantastic addition to any collection.






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