1964 Lambretta TV200 (L-36)

The mighty TV200… it is the Lambretta that really threw down the gauntlet for performance. Sure, the TV175 had led the way, but considering the intense rivalry between Innocenti and Piaggio this was the scooter that showed that the Lambretta sought to be the performance leader. It was original made as a concession to the UK importer, who wanted a scooter that could show up the Vespa GS in that very competitive market. It was a hit from the beginning, and Innocenti always had a 200cc model on tap from then on. The TV200 was also sold in respectable numbers in the US. However, not many have survived. We’ve only come across a handful of them in the many years we’ve been riding scooters - they are rare. When this one came up for sale, we knew there would be no second chances. If a TV200 is rare, finding one in original paint is virtually impossible. This scooter most certainly has the warm patina of age, but wears it well. Our preference would be to leave it in its original condition, but if one chose to go the restoration route, it would be an excellent candidate. It has all of its original parts, and is in good condition overall. There are few opportunities to find these scooters. If you’ve been looking for a TV200, don’t let this one pass you by!






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