1970 Vespa 50 (IC-207)

This is the one. The scooter you first saw on your trip to Italy. You saw it by the thousands. You could not get out of the way in time as swarms raced through the streets of Rome. Once, these were seemingly everywhere in Italy. The first taste of freedom for teenagers as well as regular transportation for just about everyone in the country. Now, they are mostly gone, replaced by less exciting appliance scooters. We have found several of the different versions of the Vespa 50 on our Italian trips, and decided to bring them back here for a taste of what that experience was like when just about every Italian owned one. This is a 50 from the middle of the production run. The horncasting and square headlight mark it as later than the early versions. Still, it has the script badges that ooze style. This scooter looks and runs great. It would look great as a display or for use as a local run-about. There are numerous performance options available as well for this scooter. It is as cool as they come.






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