1980 Vespa P125X (BM-214) (Sold)

The P-series Vespas were among the most popular of all the Vespas. They were made for almost 30 years, the the production run just recently ending. In the US, the P was sold in 125cc and 200cc versions (though there was a 150 PX sold in 1984 and 2005). They are smooth, solid, and have many modern features. The 12 volt electrical system, bright lights and turn signals, and comfortable suspension make them ideal for riding in modern traffic. Parts are easily available and reasonably priced. The 125cc version is a good scooter to start off riding, offering the advantages of low price and reasonable speed. We have spent some time on this scooter to make it nice and reliable. The perfect commuter scooter, or fun entry into the world of vintage scootering.






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