1964 Vespa GS Series 2 (IC-178)

The GS 160 was one of the best scooters made by Piaggio. When it first debuted, it was a clean break from the 50’s scooters that had preceded it. Practically the only thing that remained from the previous 150cc GS model were the handlebar and the tail light. The 160 had some evolution during its short run as well, and this is the last version. By this point, the body design architecture was in place for the following Vespas to the last PX. And what a design it is! These GS Vespas have presence. They were fast for their time, and still can hold their own in traffic today. This one was refurbished in Italy before we owned it, and it looks really good. The paint is nice and shiny, and it is a tidy scooter all around. This is a good one!






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