1962 Vespa GS 160 Series 1 (IC-176)

The GS 160 Series 1 round tail… these are one of the most sought-after of all the Vespas. They were only made for a short time. There were a few versions of the GS 160 - the first series had the small glovebox in the frame behind the seat and the second series had a larger glovbox behind the legshields. Of the first series, there were some at the beginning of the production run with a round tail, and some of the later ones with a flat tail section to accommodate directly bolting on a license plate. This is one of the early ones with the round tail, which is the most desirable of the line. The cool thing about this particular scoot is that someone along the line retrofitted the legshield glovebox from a second series GS 160. It has the best of both! Top of the line for its day, the GS 160 still holds up under just about any consideration. A classic that has enough power to keep up with modern traffic, and looks that stop people in their tracks. Nothing looks like a GS 160… the cowls alone on this scooter dwarf those of the other Vespas. These scooters are icons for good reason. This particular scooter was redone in Italy before we acquired it, and still looks good. These Series 1 GS’s don’t usually hang around our shop for long…






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