1959 Vespa GS 150 (IC-179)

Of all the 50’s Vespas, the last version of the GS, the VS5, was the best for use as rider. These are fast and smooth, and compare quite favorably to a more modern Vespa like the PX. There is just something about the sound and feeling you get from the wide-body GS that you just don’t get with any other Vespa. Maybe it is just the spirit of the 50’s. We don’t know, but we do know that we sure love riding them! We are always on the lookout for GS Vespas when we are in Italy, and this is one that we recently found. She’s a good runner, and rides great. It is what we’d call a “mild custom” in that the paint is not original color. Sure, it is silver, but it has more of a matte finish on it rather than a glossy look. It does look cool, that’s for sure.






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