1964 Vespa GL (C-99)

The Vespa G.L. was a transition model from the big curves of the 50’s to the more angular look of the 60’s. We think that they just look great from every angle, indeed, one of the prettiest scooters made by Piaggio. The curves are still there, but sharpened up just a bit, and the trapezoid headlight and clamshell speedometer headset is just wonderful to look at. The 10” wheels on this scooter were formally only the province of the top sporting Vespas, and they made their debut on a Vespa with a standard motor with this model. This particular scooter came to us in a fairly neglected state. We took it apart, painted it, and rebuilt the motor. It has all new components all around. While these originally only came in ivory paint, we thought it would look really nice in blue. It turned out great. Everything that could be replaced or refurbished on this scooter has been, and she’s now ready for a new owner.






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