2009 Vespa GTV (Sold)

Although we scour the globe for vintage scoots, we also recognize the fun and performance that can be had by riding a newer steed. We service new scooters, we ride new scooters, we sell new scooters! This scooter is owned by one of the partners in Bello Moto. You know it has had only the best and most conscientious care. It has always been garaged and has low miles. The GTV was a pretty unique model in the Vespa lineup. It has the headlight low on the front fender, harking back to the very early “Faro Basso” Vespas of the 40’s and 50’s. This scooter has style, that’s for sure. Even the seat looks great. For maximum practicality, this scoot includes an accessory rear luggage box, perfect for hauling groceries or storing a spare helmet. This is a fast scoot, and we’d feel comfortable taking it on longer journeys outside the city… Napa or Sonoma anyone?






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