1980 Vespa P200e (I-206) (sold)

Ah yes, the Vespa P200E. This is the scooter that virtually every scooterist has owned and loved at least once in their scooter career. They do everything that you need a scooter to do, and do it well. They are fast, smooth, reliable, and comfortable to ride. They have good lights, and good turn signals. The glovebox is large and can carry a lot of items. They were made in several iterations for 30 years. Parts are a breeze to find, and are relatively cheap to buy. There are tuning parts galore for them. These are the blank canvas of vintage scooters. You can take one, and quite easily make it your own. We love them, and ride them daily. This is a great example of one that has been ridden and loved. She ain’t perfect looking, but she rides great. A perfect city scooter as-is, or turn it into whatever you want out of a scooter. This really is the best entry-level vintage scooter you can get.






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