1976 Vespa Sprint (C-91) (Sold)

This is one seriously cool custom Vespa. The previous owner wanted to turn the idea of a purpose-built urban vehicle on its head… by creating an homage to the most rural vehicle you can think of - a John Deere tractor. He started with a very straight Vespa Sprint that had spent its whole life in Northern California. The outcome was fantastic. It is painted in the iconic John Deere colors, green and yellow. If you look closely, you’ll see that the parts that would have normally been chrome on the Vespa, were painted flat black to more mimic an agricultural aesthetic. The original Vespa “tractor” style seat was used, as was a custom taillight from a trailer. The stickers were all sourced at the John Deere dealership in Petaluma, and are factory OEM. There are other nice touches throughout, including the original headlight bezel, an original factory 70’s spare tire (for show only), and many NOS parts. This scooter is not only “show,” but was also built to “go!” It has the original 150 Sprint motor, but was customized for high performance. It has a Malossi top end, and a Zirri exhaust. This scooter rips! Note that all of the stickers could be removed, they have not been clear-coat painted over.






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