1964 Lambretta 150 Special (L-59)

Among Lambrettas, the Li150 Special holds a certain allure. It was the sporty version of the more pedestrian Li Series III. It shares the bodywork with the TV175/200, and the general motor with the Li150. However, the motor was “breathed on” a bit to give it just a touch more power. What was most interesting was the close-ratio gearbox, which allowed one to make the most of the power on tap. These are a good balance of excellent styling, a bit of performance, and reliability. We found this scooter on a recent trip to Italy, and it just looks fantastic. It was restored before we bought it, and the restoration was done well. The paint is nice, and the scooter is stock throughout. We think the 150 Special is the perfect way to get the wonderful look of the TV’s with a lower entry cost. This scoot is a winner!






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