1972 Vespa Ciao Moped (C-161) (Sold)

The joys of riding a moped are not to be underestimated. They are seriously fun. Their light weight and easy maneuverability makes them perfect for tooling around the city. Plus you can ride in bike lanes and park on the sidewalk… what’s not to love? The Vespa mopeds are among the best. The Ciao is known for its rugged simplicity. There’s not much to go wrong on them. I’m sure you would not be surprised to learn that mopeds have a cult following, and among the knowledgeable moped riders, the Ciao motor is renowned as one of the best. Just like with the Vespa scooters, there are a whole host of motor tuning options to put some pep into your ‘ped. This one is in fantastic original condition. It is bone stock, and runs great. One trip around the block on a test ride on this sweet moped, and we know you’ll be hooked. We sure are!






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