1978 Vespa PX150E (C-38) (Sold)

This is a mid-80’s Vespa PX150. We have it listed as a 1978, because somehow DMV has it registered as a ‘78 on the title, but we know better! This is a super nice driving scooter, and is easy to start and easy to ride. Mechanically, it is in top condition. We love the PX’s effortless riding experience, and very much appreciate their turn signals and bright lights. This is the perfect scooter to go run errands. With its large and very practical “BBQ” rear rack, this scooter can haul a lot of gear in style. While never the belle of the ball, the PX is the workhorse vintage scooter that will really “get you there.” All of us at Bello Moto have one in our stable. This is really just the perfect commuter scooter for those who want to stand out from the pack.






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