1964 Vespa Allstate (C-21) (Sold)

This one sure is an eye-catcher! It is a scooter that evokes the mod-era of the 1960’s. The red paint, white wall tires and most obviously, “The Who” artwork on the side cowl… all of them bring an exuberance that is hard to match. Underneath all the flash, this is a fairly original Vespa Allstate, sold by Sears. The paint is mostly original all over the scooter (these only came in red). There are nicks and scratches from years of faithful service, mainly a good overall patina of a well cared for scooter. This is no garage queen. It is a scooter that you can get out and ride in style for a reasonable investment. Just make sure you have Quadrophenia blasting on your headphones!






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