1961 Allstate Vespa (C-16) (Sold)

The Allstate Vespas were sold by Sears from 1959 to 1967. This is one that fits solidly in the middle of the range of time Sears sold scooters. The Sears scooters were like the Ford Model T, in that you could only get them in one color! The early 50’s Allstates were green, this era were blue, and shortly after this model, they were red. As you can see, this scooter is almost completely original. Sure, she has patina in spades, but we like that. All the original rare parts are still with it, like the headlight, tail light, and speedometer. It has the accessory spare tire rack, which is nice. Even more cool, is that it still retains the original black California license plate. This is also one of the years that has the split handle bar setup, which makes servicing the cables a breeze. All in all, a very cool ride.






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