1967 Vespa Sprint (I-201)

This scooter has seen some action, that’s for sure. It was ridden, and then ridden some more. Then, shipped from the old country, here to the US. We like a good honest hard-working scooter like this one. Still in the original paint, though weathered, it hides nothing. The nice thing about it is that it has a basically straight body, and it has no rust. She’s solid. It really is a blank canvas for you to take in any direction you choose. Keep it looking like this, and go for the weathered rat-rod look. Clean it up, repaint it, and go for a beautiful restoration. You can upgrade the motor, replace it with a 200cc from a later scooter, or just keep it as-is. Any way you want to go will be just fine… because this scooter has already seen it all. You know what I mean?






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