1967 Sears Vespa Sprint (C-28) (Sold)

It is hard to talk about this scooter without lapsing into hyperbole. Unique! The best! Only one in the world! Incredible! Yes, yes, we have said them, and we actually meant it. This scooter is extremely special. It has never actually been ridden. You read that right. From 1967, it came out of the factory, and was stored in a crate until around 2004… and since then has been on display. You are looking at the last “brand new” 1967 Vespa in existence. We have seen several low mile scooters in the past, but none that were literally never ridden. This scooter is interesting in other ways. It represents the last year that Sears sold Vespas. Not only that, but this is the only 150cc Vespa that Sears sold in all those years, every other one was 125cc. Also, all the previous years’ Sears Vespas were badged as “Allstate,” but this year only, they were simply called “Sears.” This has the one-year only “Sears” sticker, as well as the extremely rare rear “Sears” seat badge. Everything on this scooter is absolutely 100% original from the seat to the tires. Nothing has been touched. The miles shown on the odometer (6, at present) are from factory testing when it was built, and rolling it around while on display. This is a scooter to use as a guide to the perfect restoration, we wonder if the scooters in the Piaggio museum are this correct. This is a scooter for the serious collector. It would be a crime to actually ride this scooter after all this time. We hope it ends up in a major collection, or on display, so that others can enjoy seeing what a truly original scooter looks like. We have impeccable provenance on this scooter, including the original MSO that came with it from the factory. Also with it are the original tool kit, and other documentation. This scooter won the best in class at the 2016 Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, and was the cover feature in an issue of Scoot Quarterly. A unique opportunity to own a unique scooter? This is one scooter that lives up to the hype.






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