1976 Vespa Rally 200 (C-204) (Sold)

It is hard to overstate how much we love the Vespa Rally 200 here at Bello Moto. The perfect balance of vintage and modern? We sure think so. They have the best motor Piaggio made, the 200cc, but with the flowing lines of the old style classic bodies. These scooters are fast, and the look great while cruising or even just parked. When we acquired this scooter, it looked good, but had quite a few mechanical needs. We took the motor apart completely, and did a top to bottom rebuild. We replaced all of the worn parts, and she’s now ready to roll. Did we mention that this scooter is fast? Woo hoo, is it! The motor is stock, except for a performance exhaust, but it really flies. This is a European model, not a US market scooter, so it has the large and bright Euro headlight rather than the smaller US version. It is also has the more pure form of the design, without the US market turn signals or reflectors. This scooter is really nice. We think one would have a very hard time replicating it for anywhere near our offering price. This is the deal of the summer! A really nice looking Rally 200 with a freshly rebuilt motor… what’s not to love.






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