1975 Vespa Primavera (J-2)

It is hard to beat the Vespa Primavera for effortless fun. They are hands-down the easiest to ride of all of the vintage scooters. Originally conceived as a light 50cc city-scooter, Piaggio realized the potential of the design with the 125cc version - the Primavera. These scooters are light and manoeverable… the paring knife to the P200’s chef’s knife, if you will. They are perfect for dense urban environments. They were immensely popular in Europe, and have a huge array of upgrade options. This particular scooter is owned by our mehanic as his daily ride, and he has spent considerable time and attention to make it reliable and fast. He completely rebuilt the motor, and while he was at it, he added a high performance cylinder. The improved cylinder increased the motor to 135cc, but more importantly increased the power and efficiency of the motor. This little scoot is quick! There is also a performance shock to help with handling and braking. Oh, did we mention that this scooter is also a movie star? Why yes, it was featured in a movie set in San Francisco, and we’ll share stills from the film with you when you come in. If you are looking for a good reliable city scooter, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one that this. Our mechanic used it daily for his commute through San Francisco into the shop, so you can be sure that it is as solid as it gets.






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