1975 Vespa Primavera (J-1) (Sold)

The Vespa Primavera is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable vintage scooters to ride. The are small, light, and maneuverable. The Primavera was the top of the line for the Vespa smallframes, which ranged from 50cc to the 125cc of the Primavera. The smallframes of all sizes sold by the millions in Europe, and due to their popularity, there are a large range of options to customize and upgrade them. They are perhaps second only to the Vespa P200 as the choice of scooterists for a fun, reliable, daily rider. This scooter is owned by one of our own mechanics at Bello Moto. He has completely gone through the motor and all of the mechanical components on the scooter. It may not win any concourse judging contests, but it more than makes up for that with reliability and fun. If you want a scooter you can really ride every day and not worry about it, this is one to consider.






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