1970 Vespa 90 Super Sprint (C-97) (Sold)

the Vespa 90SS is the most unique scooter made by Piaggio. It looks like no other. From the dummy tank and spare tire, to the cut down legshields and short handlebars, the 90SS is in a class all its own. Piaggio made very few of these scooters, and they were not originally sold in the US. Though not big sellers originally, the main places they sold in any numbers were Germany, the UK, and New Zealand. Today, there are a handful of them owned by collectors in the US, and we are proud to have one of those few at Bello Moto. There were several versions of these made, some had the dummy tank and spare, and some later ones did not. This scooter was originally sold in New Zealand. The laws there required that vehicles be “locally produced.” So the Vespas, including this 90SS were shipped in parts, and then finally assembled in New Zealand. The frames and motors were fully built in Italy, and then simply bolted together in New Zealand. However, they had local frame numbers, and some local parts added (e.g. New Zealand-made seats). This scooter was imported to the US at some point in its life, and rebuilt into an “Italian version.” The New Zealand 90SS’s did not originally have the tank and spare, and they had a forward opening seat. These Italian parts have been added to complete the classic 90SS profile. It still has all of the other original 90SS parts, and make no mistake, this is a real 90SS. This is the third 90SS we have had the pleasure of having at Bello Moto. These are fantastic machines, and we don’t imagine this one will be around long!

FALL SPECIAL! This scooter is now on sale for only $13,495






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