1967 Lambretta SX150 (L-49) (Sold)

Let’s just get this out of the way at the beginning… yes, this was an original color offered on the Lambretta in the late 60’s. Yes, it is bold. We love to think that there was a time that colors like this were regularly offered on scooters, motorcycles, and cars. Indeed, we have seen Fiats in a similar green. It is a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing. We love it! If you want to stand out, this is the scooter for you. We guarantee that you’ll be stopped and asked about this scooter very time you park. Clearly, this is not a scooter for the shy. The SX150 was not actually officially sold in the US, since Innocenti had basically pulled out of the US market by the time these debuted. We received the earlier, and similar 150 Special, and the SX150 was the replacement. There are not a lot of differences between the two - the SX150 had a chrome strip on the front mudguard, and had some slight tweaks to the motor for a supposed small increase in performance. Whatever the differences, we are sad that the SX150’s were not sold in the US, mainly because of this paint. We found this scooter on a recent trip to Italy. It had been treated to a recent re-paint, and it looks great. You really have to see this scoot in person to appreciate it. It is a stunner.






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